I slept today and I have to go into work and count inventory.  We close at 8pm….I will go count and then head back over to Ls house.  I warned him about the crazy things I do at midnight but he said come on….we can all do them.


So I met adorable little K……she is so great.  I met Mom.  Mom reminds me a lot of my Momma.  Different but harmless.  She asked me a million questions and I answered them.   I liked her.

J was at her boyfriends house.   We did my crazy NY things like eating 12 grapes and tossing pennies and salt over our shoulders…it was soooo far out of my comfort zone yet entirely comfortable.


I can’t explain this.  It just so right…except he is leaving for 2 months to go and work in Florida.   2 months.


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