April 12

I need to charge my Mac book so I can type on something more than my phone.


I cant sleep. I laid down and Kyle woke me up at fucking 11pm because he was trying to call his ex wife on god damn speaker phone in my room- well right outside. Then his 2 girls were crying. He woke me up and asked what time I worked because he was getting called out to work and he wanted me to take his girls to the sitter at 8- but I was suppose to work at 4am.


I hate being woken up. Hate it.

Kyle is a drama queen.  His ex never answered the phone and so he called the sheriff to check on her- wake her. He said it’s in the divorce decree that if he gets called out to work- she has to take them. Which sounds like bullshit to me. Like what if she was out of town?  I said- why would you send the cops to her house instead of trying to wake her yourself and he said- idk where she lives.   So how the fuck are you sending the cops!? I pissed him off because I said- why don’t you know where your children live?!


he drives me insane. Like I can’t stand him but I have to be here. Because we are in an oil boom my rent went up to 1800 and I can’t afford that along with 2 new car payments and insurance. Plus all the other bills Dennis punk ass left me with.

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