I know I have a lot of this information saved in a draft but here are our plans once he gets home from Florida.


He owns  home in a small down near Denton so I will move in with him.  I have 2 spoiled English Bulldogs. He has a sweet monster named Bo….he lab-ish.  I will be about 28 miles from work but I am currently looking for something in Denton.  I love my job but I will switch careers for him.  I would do anything for him.

When Dennis and I broke up I knew immediately that I wanted a relationship.  I realized I treated Dennis like shit most of the time.  I should have never been in a relationship with Dennis.  Deanna and I had been together for 14 years….I was looking for stability and someone to not tell me no and that what Dennis was…..well-not the stability part.  But he never told me no.

I just love the shit out of L.   I can’t even put it in here because I don’t know what words to use.


Anyway- we have talked about doing things to his front yard.  Planting trees and flowers.  He mentioned updating his house a little but I honestly don’t remember much of his house…..I have been their twice and I was focused on him and his family.


I mentally told myself that I didn’t want to date or marry someone with children.  The thing is- I love children. I have never wanted anything more than to be a mother.  I have several “adopted” children.  I have Geoffrey-my son that I gave up for adoption 25 years ago (he is mentioned in older entries and I will update on him in another entry-hes amazing!) I met J and K….Ls girls and they are great.  K and I and L have 3-way conversations at night on the phone.  Over all, everyone seems on board with he and I.  I think he’s been single for so long that I think everyone is shocked that he has a girlfriend.


I don’t really speak much to my family…my best friend JaDon is my family.  She will meet him when he returns home and I know she will love him.


Like….everyone loves this guy and he’s MINE!!!!

I love love love this guy.   😍


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February 11, 2019

Congrats on finding Mr. Right 🙂 All of your plans sound really nice, I hope all of them work out great.