What have I done….  A Tinder account really??  I swore I would never ever ever get a Tinder account and damn it if I did.  It was Christmas Day and I was bored with Match.  I have been watching a series on Netflix called The Last OG with Tracy Morgan and he gets a Tinder on there and its  funny show.  Match has not produced any serious prospects so there I was on Tinder and I enjoyed Tinder more than other dating sites….no one can speak to me unless I swipe right on them as well.


I spent Christmas mostly alone but I did go to JaDons house in Forney with her and her family.


Anyway- I swipe on this guy.  We matched and he sent me a message.  I swiped on him for a couple of different reasons.  One-he was funny and had this video of him and he was acting silly and I loved that…. He was tall also and I love that…and he just looked like my kinda guy.

So I gave him my phone number and we chatted a little.  We have texted and spoke on the phone…

We are meeting up tomorrow night I think!  Stay Tuned…..

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