One of the most epic nights of my life

I have been meaning to write again but I’ve been procrastinating. However I cannot any longer. I have no desire to. There is much to be said and so little time it seems to express these words. There was this epic moment in my life. It has been the second most epic moment in my life. I have never felt the way I did on March 27th. I’ll never forget the thought that crossed my mind when I entered the club that Friday evening at seven thirty. It was her. The one and only Kimberly Freeman. I felt as if I knew her already through Twitter and Facebook as I kept up religiously with her band One Eyed Doll. There was that wow moment when we stood face to face to each other. There she was in a crazy jacket, a New Braunfels Unicorns blue t-shirt, shorts and black and white striped tights with awesomely cool zipper knee boots. Her hair was up in her signature style.. two long ponytails. And as promised the hug that I had waited for and she did as well. It was the hug that we both have been waiting for since my discovery of her and her amazing band. There she was no longer a face on the internet or talked about. It was her, a friend and amazing rocker girl Kimberly Freeman. After the long awaited hug we chatted and I made two new friends that night. Another Crystal and Stephen who documented the night. They came all the way from Austin to follow her in a sort having seen her two nights already.

Not well known in New Orleans we set out to get people into the club, more or less to get people to see her. We spent a few minutes on flyers getting the word out. “Tonight 9-11. Checkpoint Charlie’s”, Crystal, the drummer and I wrote on at least fifty. She went to get dressed in a red and white dress. Imagine a rocker version of Alice. I’ll include a picture for visual. She kept those tights and the boots. Adding in a black and pink lacy like skirts, making the dress all poof out. She put on this awesomely hella cool pirate like hat. We were unaware that a pirate ship had rolled in that weekend, and pirates were taking over New Orleans. She fit right on in. We set out with a sort of tour guide who later showed up with his wife for the show. She was a success with the crowd. While I know my way around that entire area of where the club was I wasnt quite aware at the fact that it was that damn close to Jackson Square. It was familiar soon enough. We set out on Bourbon getting few peoples attention. I let one hear a song she had he liked it. I think they showed up later that night. A few other people did as well that we had encountered. After a good forty five minutes we set back to Checkpoint Charlie’s leaving random flyers throughout the place. I stuck a sticker on a tree on the Jackson Square, and we headed back.

Kimberly set up and soon enough the second most epic part of the night began. There I was, in front of the stage. Kimberly the rock goddess that she is on the stage ready to rock that little club. The night began with “Commited” my favorite amd first song I ever heard by her. The second she played chills covered me. I got goosebumps. I was so excited I couldn’t even song along. I was shaking from pure excitement. This was amazing. It was just something I cannot explain. Infinite epicness maybe. It was pure effin amazing. It was just one amazing night. She has this overwhelming stage energy. She is pure rocker chick. She can really rock out. When Stephen loads up or posts a video I’ll share. You can see for yourself. 🙂

She was getting ready for her encore. Closing the night out, she rocked Checkpoint Charlie’s so awesomely that she blew the block’s power out. Okay well not really, but that’s our story and were all sticking to it. What she did next was so much better than an encore, I have chills now just thinking about it. In complete darkness with only small flashlights and phones she walked over to the bar, everyone following the rock goddess. She sat on the bar and sang a song called “New Orleans” acapella. That was an emotional song to begin with. Amazing song as well. She wrote it nine years ago when she visited New Orleans. She sang a second song called “Marble Towers”. It too was acapella and a song that had never been performed. It was wow. The lights finally came back on around midnight. She hung out with everyone, just chatting with everyone. She truly was a sweet heart. The night was epic. I won’t forget it. I loved every moment of the night, and I can’t wait to see One Eyed Doll again. I’m thinking of trekking along Texas when she rolls around. It’ll be damn well worth it. Included is a few of her songs that you can check out. In fact I reccomend it! I just have to say, this was one night that I will indeed remember. It was a concert that touched me in a way no concert has. It’s sparkle has not faded, I just saw some of a video that is recorded, and it truly made me cry a little. It was a night that in my book will forever be a part of me. I will never ever get this feeling again. It was epic. Truly truly epic.

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