Silence can you hear me? Press me to your lips

I’ve not written here in a few months. I could have possibly used this space a few times but I simply just didn’t want to record the events of this year. At least not one. This year was one year I wish wasn’t a bad one. I thought last year was, but this year really tested my depression and my emotions. I learned an important lesson that I wish I didn’t need to learn. And it makes me realize a lot of things. There’s been moments where I realize how blessed I am.  There’s been three moments that stand out and one that I can’t believe happened. It was something I’ll have to write about later. This one event was one that quite possibly made me feel amazing. It was one of those moments you wish you could bottle up forever and relive. I’ll write more soon. There’s a lot to be said and I’ve got to find the courage to write about and not lose myself in tears. I’ve shed enough of those. And there’s one I just need to sit down and write with the soundtracks of the three best moments of this year. 

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