Soundtrack of Memories Past Pt2

Soundtrack of Memories past pt 2 – 9/30/2005

I did this once, and immediately wanted to do it again. However I havent. What perfect timing to do it now? It was a very interesting entry to write and I had a good time doing just this. Music plays a big part of my life and I came to realize these sounds have memories attached to them, memories good and bad. That first entry was the depressing side, this ones an attempt at some happier memories. I also loved sharing it with you my dear readers. So here is the second installment of Soundtrack of memories past part two.

Unicorn Theme-Tangerine Dream
One of the coolest new age groups out there. I love the way it starts out. Oh I love this group. Such beautiful music. This song is one of my most favorite from a movie I adore. Legend. I so love this movie! I was in drama class one day and the teacher made us watch this movie. I didnt watch it the many times he did make us. However the mention of unicorns and faeries. Oh you bet I watched and soon I fell in love with it. It was an addiction there on out to watch this movie..Ive seen it so many times. In fact I wish I could watch it right now. It is one of the few memories I can remember of my senior year of high school. I failed a class and had to get removed from one drama class to the other. I hated it but in that time I watched this movie I felt mesmerized by it. I forgot that bit of pain I felt inside of me as I watched this movie.

I love you always forever-Donna Lewis
Oh this song. Bittersweet in its own sweet way. It was the summer I was sixteen. I had attended a church camp and met a boy named Chris Baker. He was two years younger than me. He and I really hit it off. He made me feel those butterflies and a tingle in my heart I had never felt before. He just wow. Blew me away. One night we kissed under the stars and I swear it was just like heaven. It may have been so soon as to say such words, but I felt those words and I believe that night we confessed those three words to each other. Before left in which that was a very heartbreaking moment for us we exchanged addresses and phone numbers and kissed one last time. The goodbye kiss. We lived a bit aways from each other, but we kept contact and our relationship going for six months. One night had come over for dinner with us. And this song was playing on the radio. I loved it then, but then a line hit me. “You’ve got the most amazing blue eyes, Ive ever seen.”At that time I looked into his eyes and just freaked out. He had those amazing blue eyes. I think he was one the first guy I ever really fell in love with. And he was the only date I have ever had for homecoming. The only time. This was when life was good, we were innocent in that time, when nothing mattered. What I wouldnt do to go back to those days.

Jump-Van Halen
Laugh at this one if you will. It is one of my earliest of memories I remember to this day. It was the summer of 1985. I was six years old. This was my favorite band, this was my favorite song. I loved Van Halen. One day this song came on MTV (those were the good days when the bloody station did play music videos..) and I sat right in front of that tv watching this video. My dad had been watching that channel and in fact hes the one that got me into Van Halen. Every time it came on I watched it. It was my favorite song as a kid. I loved it! I remember thinking Van Halen was David Lee Roth for the longest of times, and I was like how can he be that guy. Later finding out that he was the lead singer of Van Halen and not Van Halen himself. It sucks that David Lee Roth left Van Halen. I must have been one cool six year old.

I wish, Separate time, and Go mad Emotion-Camino
This is quite possibly one of my favorite memories. It was Friday February 11. And it was the first day of the anime convention. This j-rock band I had never heard of it them till a week or two before. I had to work that day, and surprisingly the day went by extremely fast. I couldnt wait till four thrirty. Made it out by five and raced home and then took no time at all to get to that convention. When I got there, it was like oh my god, Im here. I felt infinite the very split second I ran in there. I immediately asked where is Scott McNiel? They had said somewhere. Instantly I begin my search for Scott Mcneil. Then I look for something for him to sign. Anything Kouga or Duo related. Nothing. This is where I met the lovely Papa Steve as I have started to call him or Steve Bennett to most. He’s a regular on the forum anime page and often posts on his thread to us. Anyhow later on I find the lovely Scott McNeil and I end up getting a picture of him after freaking out that I had left my camera at the swords area. He kind of laughed at that. In fact thats got to be an embarassing moment for me . Freaking out in front of Scott McNeil. I got a picture of two cosplayers as Conan and Richard from Detective Conan when I first got there. Then at eight Camino takes the stage, I’m having an cel painting session with Papa Steve, and hearing the sounds of Camino in the background playing. I did leave for a bit to see them play and they were awesome. I became a fan right then and there. I ended up getting their new cd Arise. They all signed it for me. I was like wow. They were awesome. I listened to that cd all night, and the next day and the next. These songs remind me of that anime convention. It was the sweetest thing ever. I had so much fun, looking at all the things there. And talking to Scott McNiel getting him alone several times away from all the screaming Kouga fan girls to sign my Gundam Wing endless waltz dvd, and getting him to say in his best Duo Maxwell voice “dammit to hell” for me and he did. I loved it and got all fangirlish. I couldnt help it. I stole a hug or two that day, and two more the last day. I got to hug Scott McNeil. Hell yeah. Oh those three days were the days I wish I could relive forever. That anime convention was the best time I had ever had.

Sail away-Enya
The days of high school, I believe my junior year. Art class was my favorite class,and the teacher Mrs. Gill was one of my favorites, I miss her. As we worked on our projects she would often have the sounds of Enya playing considering she loved them. This song played quite often in that time of the class. UB40 was another. I remember meeting this one guy Steve Meza and he had every day worn a Fear Factory shirt. I had heard of them but never really cared to hear their music. He suggested I hear them, I would like them. The summer of 99 I saw them at Ozzfest and he was right, I did like them. But we got to be pretty good friends and often spoke to each other. We often got diffrent seating arrangements to you know I suppose to have a chance to see everyone and talk to everyone I liked that, it was interesting to meet everyone, and never a dull moment in art class. This song always makes me wish I were back in art class.

Shine on you crazy diamond-Pink Floyd
This song one of my favorite of favorite Pink Floyd songs. I lived in the apartments with my mom and brothers and it sort of brings a bit back of those memories living there. I ended up finding little small things I liked about it. I remember many times lighting up my room with candles, lighting incense and allowing myself to just listen to the eerie calm sounds of this song. I loved it. I called it my medatation song, and it just let me lose myself in the calming sounds of the guitars. I remember once envisioning an open meadow, a very serene, tranquil place and a unicorn of white. I didnt want to leave there. The unicorn seemed to lure me away from what was around me. There was a brook running in this meadow. The song just mesmerized me and I would lie on my bed letting the song play out constantly. Losing myself in that meadow I had imagined. The glow of the candlelight played on the walls, the incensed filled air I breathed in. For in this time this song played for the fifteen minutes it was, I forgot the pain, forgot what it was to be in such a dark world, for in that moment I was in a world where nothing mattered, everything was so calm and the real world a distant memory.

Children-Robert Miles
When this song came out, I fell in love with it. It was in the Weldon days. When he was still around and we often hung out many nights. This song would come on. I remember those nights where he and I would just drive and talk to each other. We’d hang out. And on weekends there was no such thing as a curfew. I was allowed to stay out all night long. I did just that with my Weldon. Even if we didnt drive around, hang out at walmart, we would stay at my house and talk hang out and whatever. Or I would go to his house and chill, whatever it was we were always together. I remember he loved this song as much as I did and he and I both ended up getting this cd. I wish I still had this cd, one of the ones stolen from me. This song makes me wish he were still here, makes me wish I could go back to those days as well. The days when the most of useless of things were fun. I loved those days. I remember he would come over the very split second he got off from work and come to see me. Smelling of the seafood place called Hushpuppy’s. That smell I loved, and dont ask me why. But I did, and now everytime I smell the smell of seafood from that place, Im reminded of him. In fact I can nearly smell it now. He would run home take a shower and the fun would begin. I hung out with him day and night when I wasn’t in school and he wasn’t at work. During the summer it was all the damn time. When I hear this song it is I can feel those days, I can remember how I felt, how it was. I wished he and I could have done more when he was around. Right now this song makes me want to hug him right now and have him hug me back. And upon the writing of this particular memory I decided to take a picture from a picture that means the most absolute world to me. If I could have only one thing brought with me it would be this picture. A polaroid picture of him that he gave to me. Its the only picture I have of him, the actual image of him I have left that are not memories. It isnt easy taking picture of a picture but this turned out perfect. And here my dear readers, is my dearest of all best friends, the one who I miss more than anything in the world the one I would give anything in the world to have here with me again.

In this picture he’s sitting on his broken four wheeler, in fact that’s how we met. He taught me to drive it. Anyhow, he decided one night to play superman on the damn thing and jump a huge ditch, needless to say that didnt happen. He’s lucky that he didnt kill himself or get hurt. Thats his truck in the backgroud. The truck I loved so much. I want that truck. Just because its part of those memories.

Material Girl-Madonna
Yes, I know. But this song a song I loved by her as kid. In fact it was another favorite. I was often told this song was my song. For I was a material girl. I remember watching this video and singing to this song. I was such a spoiled little girl back then, and this song was like the shit to me. It was such a girly song. I was so frilly, and girly at times. This was my frilly girly song.

Smoke-Natalie Imbruglia
This song makes me cry. This song is such a beautiful song. This song came out when my parents had chosen to separate or damn near after that. The lyric that really gets to me and brings tears to my eyes is this one. “Where are you dad? Mom’s looking sad, whats up with that. Its dark in here. ” And I remember many times my mom was looking so very sad, when she would cry. I hated seeing my mom cry. I hated the fact my dad wasnt around for us, hated that he did what he did to my mom. Her world had turned to darkness just as ours had. But that woman made it through. She showed him that she didnt need him. She supported us and made damn sure her children were taken care of. I give her all the credit in the world for that. I love her for it. She was the one who cared and even though she wasnt around in those times for me, she made sure I had food in my mouth and shelter and things I needed. My dad was in his stage to where he wasnt there for us. I guess you can say this song reminds me of her and her times of her sadness and picking her life up starting new. Mommy I love you, I miss you. Thank you for all that you did back then. You rock.

Memories of those days, both good and bad, knowing we cant forget them no matter how hard we try, songs bound to those memories, and when we hear them the memories flood our minds and we find ourselves, crying, smiling and reliving those moments. Images of those times forever etched in our hearts, and never to be forgotten. Bringing us to the days when in those times nothing mattered, or when something special to us was around. Or when you felt that pain you wish you hadnt. Whatever the case, these memories no matter how trivial some are you cant help but to hold on to them.

“The longer one holds on to a memory… the longer one lives in the past. The deeper the memory they hold onto is… the more beautiful the past will become. “

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