This moment will just be another story someday.

There’s something about live music, going to a show and seeing a band or singer you simply must see in concert. For me it’s an experience and in some cases something I find to be quite amazing once the afterglow sets in. Last Thursday was such an experience that the afterglow lasted three days. Last Thursday I saw Keith Urban for the first time in concert. Why has it taken me so long to write this when I could have written it during those days of basking in the afterglow? Simply because I’ve needed to find the words and concentration to sit down and properly write this entry. It’s one of those things you want to make sure you attach your emotion to, and leave nothing out. It’s something that requires a bit of thought process.

I wasn’t expecting to see Keith Urban so soon, and a part of me really thought I’d never have that chance. Should I have that chance depending on if I was able I would make the effort to see him no matter what and I was willing to spend a good bit of money to see him as close as I could. While I was unable to score a great ticket last week I did get to see him for the first time at the Houston Rodeo last Thursday. I found out one late night while scrolling on Facebook that he would be playing March 15th. I screamed and scared my cat. It was one of those crazed fangirl sort of things. Had my love been home, I would have to silent fangirl and truth be told I don’t think I could have done well. I got my ticket without a second thought and thus seeing Keith Urban would be happening. I could believe this was going to happen and when the day came it was nothing short of amazing.

I took the drive to Houston—which can be a bit nervewracking on its own accord— not really knowing what I was getting myself into. The entire trip was smooth sailing and I had no issue at all finding a lot very close to the venue to park in. I saw NRG Stadium and it was in that moment that I couldn’t believe that this night I would be seeing the very man that I grew to love music wise. There was a bit of anxiety and a slight anxiety attack as I thought about it. I calmed myself and tried to function, but the anticipation drove me wild. Had I seen him when I expected which was actually when the rodeo happened, I don’t think I would have been as calm as I was. There was a lot of anticipation, far too much and I needed to calm myself. The rodeo did just that, and once he made it to the stage I was collected enough not to lose all sense of control and fangirl the fuck out.

There he was, on the stage. This was happening. This man that got me through some hard times last year, was in front of me even if I were high up it didn’t matter. This was something I had longed to see and it was worth the five hour drive and it was nothing short of perfect. There were moments of feeling infinite—I couldn’t believe that he was standing in front of me sining live and singing the songs I loved. I admit to never have heard any of his music until last year, and now you’d think I’ve been a fan all along. When the show ended and I headed out I knew what was going to happen. I had to make a break to the window to oversee the fair below. I called my mom to tell her about my moment and all the excitement of that night came rushing back and I felt as if I wanted to cry and did a little. It had happened, Keith Urban in person, singing to me and seventy two thousand other people in that crowd. It was one moment I look back on and still can’t believe it happened.

Songs included were “Blue Ain’t Your Color”, “Texas Time” (which will be on the Graffiti U album and Texas heard it first!) “Somewhere in My Car”, “Raise Em Up”, “Wasted Time”, “The Fighter” “Little Bit of Everything.” There may have been a few more but that was the most of them.

The day after was one hell of a concert hangover. The excitment from the night before and anticipation had me down and out for the count. I was so tired after the show, that staying awake once I went to see my mom was hard to do. Driving back home at eight am was not happening. Even at eleven when the time came for me to drive home I was still tired from the show. I called in work because was not going to make it in anyway and they knew I was coming from Texas so it was fine, and I came home and crashed and I crashed hard. Finally the “hangover” was over. I would do this all over again too, it was worth it, and as I said a week later I’m still shocked it happened.

With that being said, thinking this might be my only chance to see him I jumped for it. Little did I know that I would get a second chance to see him. January 17th Keith did a live show at Exit/In in Nashville and did Facebook Live for it. Unable to watch much till the end, he announced a tour! One of those cities on the tour was none other than New Orleans. I screamed in the car, had a fangirl moment while driving. I called up my person who is to blame for this new found love of this singer and told her and then my cousin. I get to see him again. I joined his fan clubu that night and got ready for the presales. I did say that if I ever got the chance to see him I would be willing to dish out a good bit of money for a meet and greet, VIP and front row. November 2nd 2018 just four day before my birthday this will happen. My ticket was damn near $700 bucks. I have not a single regret.

Included in my VIP Gold Package:One general admission standing ticket,* one entry into the meet & greet with an individual photo with Keith Urban, one entry into the backstage experience, Keith Urban will participate in a Q&A session, complimentary snacks, sodas & water will be available, one party picture download, one autographed tour item, and much more! *VIP seating varies by venue. Amphitheaters: one GA standing ticket in the pit (not available in all markets). Arenas: one GA standing ticket.

I don’t know how I am going to react meeting him, doing a Q&A and getting a picture with him and much less being right in front of him! I’m pretty sure I’ll be on cloud nine and it will be far worse than the day after I had last week. I can’t believe this is happening!! That I’ll be so much closer and able to have this experience. This might be the best thing ever considering how much he means to me musically. I fully intend on letting him know that his mu

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April 7, 2018

They charge you money to STAND at shows?

April 7, 2018

@bedlamhillfarm Any GA admission show I’ve gone to where I can get on the floor yes. However this package includes a lot more than just a GA ticket. This allows met to be as close as possible. I have only had a few shows where I sat. Three times I didn’t have pit passes and I got in the pit. Also GA admission floor, no pit but got in there anyway.

April 7, 2018

The title of this entry was amazing.

April 10, 2018

@myhalohasslipped  it’s a quote from a book called The Perks of Being a Wallflower.