To the lovely dancing lights, I begged, “May I cut in?”

On my way to work today while flipping through radio stations (which is a rarity because I actually hate the radio considering I can’t exactly control what I want to hear, and I’m not much into the music these days) there was a song I’ve not heard in years playing. Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks. I’m not exactly sure of when this song had first come out, but I want to say maybe my freshman year of high school, which was about twenty years ago. Wow that was a long time ago! Ages ago and it seems as if it weren’t that long. Anyway as I listened to this song I was reminded of exactly how much music plays an impact in my life and how it’s played part in the soundtrack of my life. So many songs I’ve held memories to. So many songs I hold dear. Music gives me writing fuel. It’s impacted my life and given me strength.

One band has no idea how much they’ve helped me, their songs keeping me going. Music speaks in ways nothing else can. I’ve always known that. I’ll hear a song and it reminds me of some memory or it will fuel writing. Music does more than just fuel writing or hold memories. It’s also become an addiction. I listen to it often. More than I do anything else. I go to concerts, which next Sunday I’ll be going to see The Devil Makes Three again. I saw them last year around this time. Concerts are amazing, live music is. There’s nothing like seeing your favorite bands live. Some I’ve seen five times and it will never stop. One I’ve seen fifteen times and plan to more. I’ll have to write about them one day

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