You’re my favourite The one that I love

Wishful thinking. You hear that terms so very often and yet its the high hope of something happening. Truth is you never really know if it ever will happen. It’s a wish, something you want to have. I remember a time after my mother’s accident and the following months of a long recovery ahead of her how much I missed hearing her voice, and how much I missed having her call me. I wished nothing more than for her to call me and to just hear her talk to me. It was the only thing I wanted. 

And to much of my surprise the wish has come true. I’ve been absolutely blessed to have this wish come true. She has had the nurse in the rehabilitation facility call me and let me know that she wants to talk to me. Hearing her voice is  like music to my ears. Especially when she calls when I’m having a shitty day or when things just seem off kilter. Nothing worked to get me out of this weird funk that I woke up in. Keith Urban’s voice, Michael Ray’s voice. Nothing. I just didn’t want to hear music. I didn’t want to read. I just wanted to crawl into bed after work and hide among my weighted blanket and stay there till I felt better. However, that was not the case. My mommy made this day better in a matter of seconds. She always calls when I am at work so I really can’t talk to her too long but you know what they understand and don’t mind if I take the call.

When she calls that stubborn personality shines. Her voice is clear about what she wants and she makes her point across very well. Sometimes she tells me how much she wants to be home and I tell her I know. Which I do, but she needs to stay there until she is able to come home with out the trachea. The facility she is in—they are working hard to help her get off of it. I trust these people with her life. They are caring, and they fill us in on whatever questions we may have. They make sure that she has what she needs. Of course you can’t tell her that! She is arguing about it. I know she wants to come home but they are helping her so much and the fact that she can talk on the phone is a mere blessing and gift. Hearing he voice today and having her call me was the uplifting thing I needed today and I told her that. Telling her I love you, and having her say I love you back… its an amazing feeling and opportunity I thought I would not get to have.

I took those phone calls for granted I think before the accident. And now when she calls its the most perfect thing in the world Its a blessing and a gift. I have learned quite a lot in the past several months. And you know one of those is to NEVER take anything at all for granted

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