Breweries, Funerals and Bands


Yesterday my LilSis and I did a Brew Hopping Tour. Not an organized-by-group tour but our own self-organized tour. Now perhaps I should explain, at my age I have gone through the keggar-don’t-care-about-taste party beer drinking to no beer thanks just cocktails and perhaps a little wine, to no beer-no cocktails-just wine and now microbrews in small batches for flight tasting please.

We hit several breweries all of which offered production tours but in the taprooms offered a variety of tasting processes. I have decided that I much prefer the service table side of a flight of 5 4ouncers to the belly up to the bar to order and get one at a time 5 ouncer tastes. My entertainment dollars are hard earned and I actually enjoy service with a smile and some “educational info”.

Most of the breweries also offered beer-to-go possibilities and swag ~ oh the swag! Growlers of several different sizes. This morning I am the proud owner of a lovely 32 ounce growler filled with one of my fave beers from yesterday dubbed Copper Coin. A lovely beer with a rich dark spectrum made with coffee and a lovely smoothing hint of vanilla. Here is hoping I remain in the mood for beer this entire week in order to empty the growler. Sing it friend: “She’s a light weight, yeah a light weight, wannabe microbrew beer drinkin fan!! ”   Cue the harmonica and a few sax notes with some slide guitar licks.



The heat is on way too early here in the middle of the Styx. 90 plus Fahrenheit temps with humidity sending the heat index well over 100 SUX! I have whole body lymphedema from years of slice and dice due to the ongoing battle with cancer. The heat does a number on my body and cause the lymphedema to go near out of control leaving a lot of pain and a slow long process back to less swollen. ~ sighs ~  OK so that is my whining for now and onto more sobering details.


Today is the ‘funeral’ of my dear Friend who lost her battle with cancer this past weekend. It actually is not a traditional funeral but rather a celebration of life party with the family and close friends. It is at a lovely recreational area and starts in the hottest part of the day ~ 4pm. YES I am going. I need to celebrate her life with all my other friends and her family. The hope is that the Lodge is air conditioned but if not I will push through. It is NOT about me! It is about her lovely gentle spirit and how she impacted all of us in so many postive ways. It is about the grieving process for each of us and sharing the memories now held in our hearts.



Now about Bands. There are a couple of bands I have gotten close to this past year or two, and one I am designing an album cover for their latest release. Another I am doing a little consulting work for in regards to promotion and videography. I am excited about their talents. They are amazing musicians. I likely will be writing more on this blog over the coming summer months about at least two of the bands.

Have you listened to any new music recently? Heard any great bands? Wanna see any bands this summer? Curiosity wishes you might share here please.

Have a great week Dear Readers and Friends. Go out and pass smiles for miles. Do not let anyone ruin your enjoyment of your journey.

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May 29, 2018

I’m a sucker for microbrews, too. I love the dark stuff, anything chocolate or coffee. My husband and I don’t get to the breweries like we used to before we had kids, but it’s always fun when the opportunity to try something new arises.

I’m sorry about your friend, but it sounds like a lovely way to celebrate her. Stay cool!

May 29, 2018



I like micheladas. I have no idea whatsoever what that says about me..but whoever thought up a beer bloody Mary with extra Cholula and green olives just made life better for this drinker. (Sporadic, uncultured, at best.) Also, just saw Depeche Mode. Hope to catch Steve Miller.