The Doctor Who Actually Listened

A LOT happened at the doctor’s office.

First, because of how I have been treated in doctor’s offices recently, my blood pressure was way high and just kept on rising while I was sitting there… practicing mindfulness and working on keeping my heartbeat steady.  But that didn’t work.  I left there with a medication administered (just one pill) and with orders to get a blood pressure cuff and monitor daily until I go back in 2 weeks.  Scary.  Never had that high of blood pressure before.  But, I know my body has changed a lot since having COVID.  Also have a script for HBP meds.

Second, she listened.  She listened to me talk about how the endo’s staff treated me like crap when I asked some questions and to get some guidance.  And she even wondered why they treated me like that.  It is a good question.

Third, she was happy that I had found mental health treatment separate from what my crappy insurance costs.  Oh.  If anyone is interested, Cerebral via app or website is amazing.  They do take certain healthcare, just not mine and I am at this point in my life where $85 is worth the monthly cost for seeing a PA and a counselor.

Fourth, labwork happened today.  I know that my numbers are going to be completely out of whack because of COVID and because I haven’t made enough money to be able to get things done like I need.  Well, the scare of my blood pressure and the blood sugar has made my adult sons take note and we are now going to eat healthy.  Who knew that they actually do give a shit (this is a joke, I know they do, they just have a real funny way of showing it most times).

Fifth, the reason I went in the first place is because I have noticed that I have been catching my breath a lot lately.  She listened to my lungs and I think that she didn’t want the blood pressure to go up any further, so she said “Your lungs sound fine, but I am going to put you on a breathing treatment.”  So that happened and I got a script for an inhaler.

Very eventful.  But that is where we are.  I have been mindful about what I am putting in my body and paying attention to how my body feels when I put things in it.  And I am saying heap big no’s to things like burgers from Sonic (they got my order wrong and one of the sons wouldn’t go and get a replacement) and I am trying to stay away from beef.  Since I have been paying attention and actively wanting the change, I have been CRAVING chicken.  I want all the chicken.  And I want it baked.  And I want it now.

So that is the updatiness of health.  Next will be to monitor the weight and start watching it get lower.  Just one day at a time right now.

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