The Ebbs and Flows of Past Love

A song popped up randomly on the playlist I’m listening to:  Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars.  I probably have heard it recently, but today I thought of you.

I miss you a lot of the times.  You made me want to ask you a forever question and I was looking at rings.  There has only ever been one other person who has made me want forever.  I don’t think I have actually said the word forever.  I have said things like to the end of my life.  But not forever.  There have only been 2.  The one who passed who I still dream about and you who still haunts my thoughts from time to time.

I am sorry I put so much pressure on you.  I should have recognized what was happening because we were similar.  But all I could see was my own happiness and what I thought was yours too.  I thought I could come in and fix everything that was going on in your world and that wasn’t fair of me.  All of the pain that you have endured recently, I cannot image what you are going through.  I send energy to you in hopes that it will ease your pain.  But I send it on the condition that you are receptive of it.  Because I don’t want to impose myself upon you.  Not like I did before.

You’ll never see this and this is honestly for me and my conscious.

But I hope you’ll never forget that you are perfect just the way you are.

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