I sat, looking at my hands, pondering how old they are looking. And I realized you will never hold my hand again. It took four weeks and 6 days to make that realization. What others have I not figured out?

What people don’t tell you about grief is that it is exhausting. I don’t think that my shoulders have relaxed but maybe once in the last 4 weeks. But I’m tired all the time.

I don’t tell our kids how I am really doing. Needing to be the mom for them. The one who sees how I am doing is our youngest because he lives here. So I can’t fool him. But the rest, I can. For now. I am going to see them in two weeks. I am so excited about that. It is about the only thing I am excited for these days.

Not much else is happening besides working through all of this. Slowly. I was able to find voicemails with his voice and a video of the two of us bantering. Bittersweet moments all of them. I miss him. So fiercely.

Anyhoo. Maybe tomorrow I won’t cry? It is a Monday and the five week mark. We shall see.

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September 18, 2018


September 23, 2018

Grief come in waves some days can be good other days not so good. Stay Strong.