This morning I bundled up and hopped on my motorcycle for my much loved ride to work. But just a few miles from home my joy slowly faded in the cold misty rain falling from the heavens above.

I rode to work in hopes of staying awake as I could not sleep last night, I think I finally fell asleep some time around 3:00 am. That sucks when you have to get up at 5:00 am.

But I got here safe and sound and changed into my uniform which was dry.

During my inspections this morning I was sitting in my van filling out forms when I noticed there was freezing rain and snow flurries falling! I just cranked up the heat and leaned my head back and snoozed a bit.

Just finished up lunch, nothing fancy, pork~n~beans and little smokies.

Guess this is it for now, brain kind of foggy.

Will spend the rest of the afternoon in the office doing data entry.


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April 16, 2018

been a busy and cold day here. already noon and I feel I have gotten nothing done

April 16, 2018

Data entry will make you fall asleep fast.  LOL

Sorry you couldn’t sleep.

April 16, 2018

Here is hoping your weather is warmer for your drive home.

April 16, 2018

I had to laugh at you when you said your much love ride to work, l would have thought you would have looked at the sky first to see how the weather was like, Haha I am still smiling here, Especially when your riding your bike! 😃

April 17, 2018

Office work while exhausted is a beast.