Through you… I am born…

So today merits a slightly improved mood. Not as good as ordinary moods of everyday folk but better than usual.

I am however frustrated beyond reasonable parameters by my ever failing dream… I am attempting to create a video game, just like 5 year old me dreamed back when I was running through Sonic The Hedgehog on the Megadrive. The problem being that the people over the years that have promised and begged to be a part of the project have all let me down. I know relying on people is generally a bad choice for anyone but it is a monumental task to create a game in this day and age, especially one with no micro-transactions, no early access and no focus on multiplayer. But the degradation of the single player experience has always annoyed me and the poor, half baked storylines of most games drive me crazy. All I want is to create a single player game that is fun for the player and draws them into the world.

It is a task and a half, not to mention my lovely anxiety and depression can cause large periods without any work being done. I refuse to quit though. I will get the game put together eventually and I can then look forward to creating the sequel, a game which WILL have a full on multiplayer aspect to it but just like Borderlands (God I love that series) the multiplayer experience will craft together free roam AND storyline. It’s gonna take a long while but I feel that once this first installment of the series is done I should have an easier time putting the sequel together, after all the base framework will already be there.

So that is what is annoying me today, the fact that my dream is constantly hampered by people who want in until they have to do some actual work.

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