3 Days of Skiing And No End In Sight

We’ve had the best skiing conditions up here lately. We got about a foot of snow over 2 days last Wed-Thur. After that we plunged into the below zero weather. The daytime highs have been up near 10 degrees so the backcountry skiing has been fabulous. I’ve been out on our property each of the past 3 days. Usually, I’ll catch a little buzz first. It seems to help me to slow down and enjoy nature more instead of just pushing myself to go faster. I always ski past the cabin site to admire it and look forward to when it will be available as a warming hut.

Yesterday I focussed on finding the property line up on the far NW corner. In the summer it is hard to find because it is on the corner of a large swamp. But with the frozen ground and deep snow it is relatively easy to get to.  Snowshoes would have been even easier since there were several fallen trees to climb over. But I found it relatively quickly.

The 2-week forecast calls for nothing above 32 degrees so the snow will be with us for quite some time and I plan to ski every day. I’ll even do a downhill ski or two in the coming weeks.


Reverend Ern

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March 12, 2019

Sounds like perfection to me!