April 2018

It’s been a month so I need to record a few “maintenance”items.

  • Got another sinus infection. Started on the right side on Sunday afternoon (Apr 8) and by Monday it was full blown accompanied by slight fever.  Called the doc and got an appt for Wed. I had improved so agreed to wait until the following Monday to call back for antibiotics. Monday came with no further improvement so she called in a prescription. Took these for 7 days. Yellowish drainage ended after day 4.  Now I have thick mucus but clear. Slight cough. Pretty sure it’s spring allergies.
  • Visited MIL and BIL in Northborough MA this past weekend. Justin was in for business so we met him. The visit was relatively calm with no fighting.
  • Trying to plan MIL 90th birthday party (July 8). We’re either going to bring her to Montreal to see her brother or plan a surprise party for her in Northborough. The major question is whether her granddaughter will participate. She has had no contact for a couple of years now.
  • The Maple News editor came to our sugar house April 3. He did a very nice spread (two full pages, 6 pictures). He gave me a bit more credit for things than I should have received but mostly the information was accurate. I’m trying to get copies for all the siblings.
  • The weather finally broke this week. I spent the last two days putting away skis, pressure washing deck furniture, hanging new outdoor speakers, cleaning out the garage, charging the lawnmower battery, etc. Then I kicked back with a cold beer and gave peanuts to the chipmunk.
  • Diane has had a cold since April 3. Maybe just allergies? She has been increasing medications to try and get better rest but nothing is working yet. I’m getting concerned with the psychiatric symptoms. They have been increasingly bothersome for her.  I’m wondering if we’re in a down cycle again.


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April 25, 2018

Every time I read your updates, I want to go up north and visit a sugar house 🙂