Cabin – Clearing and Pouring

I’m starting this blog about 6 months late but thought I would use my diary to capture progress on the cabin-in-the-woods. Last fall we cleared the lot, dug the holes and poured the columns for the cabin. 

Here you can see the John Deere excavator we purchased 4 years ago to help us with projects such as this.  BIL Roy is at the controls. He ran one of these things for his job many years ago and he’s pretty skilled with it. It takes some practice. I dabbled around with it and hit one of the posts later on.

We used 23 bags of quickcrete for the 9 columns.  The week after all this work took place Mother Nature hit us with a storm that downed over 100 trees. We cleaned up the ones we had to in order to get the sap lines


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August 7, 2018

Jealous of your John Deere excavator.  Would love to have one!