Cabin – More Timbers Milled

I’ve been puttering away and now have another batch of timbers to carve.  The six in the foreground are floor joists. I got all of them out of the same log!  It was a monster. Not much work to do on them, just cutting the ends down to size.  In the background is the biggest (not longest) beam in the cabin (8″x 10″ x 15′ long). This beam will be the main one down the middle of the floor. It will be notched every 30″ or so for the floor joists.

Here is a quick pic of the chisels that I’ve been using to do the carving work. The monster drill is used to cut the mortises. I use the 2″ drill bit to hog out most of the wood and then use the chisels to carve the rest.  Found most of them at flea markets and antique shops. I got one online and one I had to purchase new. I had to replace the handle on one.  The large “chisel” on the right is called a slick. You use it by hand (without the mallet) to shave wood.  I really like it. Got it for $8 !



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January 4, 2019

So cool to see the tools you are using 🙂