Final Floor Timbers for Cabin

Here are the final timbers needed for the floor of the cabin. These girders are notched for the floor joists.  They still need 2 more coats of sealer/stain but otherwise they’re ready to go. The large one on the right is the main girder that goes across the middle of the cabin.  The center one is for the front (note the two mortises for the doorway. And the one on the left is for the back wall.

I’m committing to raising the structure this fall and getting the roof on before winter.  We’ll assemble the floor in the spring as soon as sugaring is over and the weather cooperates. Then I’ll need to insulate the floor and put flooring on. I’ll put mesh wire around the base to keep out large critters. I’ll get the remaining timbers cut and ready to go during the summer.

I’m really having fun with this project!


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January 4, 2019

Those are some massively beautiful pieces of wood!