Sinus Infection

Well diary, I’m not feeling that great today. I started with a sinus infection last week and got right on the antibiotics. Then I had to travel to NC and work 3 days in a very dusty environment. Now my pills are all gone and the symptoms are worse than ever. I’m supposed to fly to Asia today¬†and it looks like I’ll need to cancel. I saw my doc last night and got some steroid anti inflammatory stuff to go with more pills. Need to pick them up this morning.

On another subject, I’ve been growing a beard the last 3 weeks and it’s filled in nicely. I kinda like the look but I’m thinking about shaving it off. It feels a little strange. Also, not to get too gross, I irrigate my sinuses with saline solution twice a day (routine sinus problems) and everything runs out on my facial hair. (TMI?)

Another event is that I’ve started working with a financial planner. This was tough for me since I pride myself on my organizational skills and love to learn about all the little tricks for keeping as much of my money as I can. My situation just got a little more complicated with some deferred income. I’ve been deferring my annual bonus ever since they started in 1999. This is the year when I asked to start receiving some since Justin will be starting college. The young gal we found seems pretty knowledgable although she’s not a CPA yet. We’ve retained her services for 1 year and we’ll see how it goes.

I also saw that my UVM hockey cats beat Providence last night.  Made my morning.

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February 4, 2006