An Uninspired Sunday

Today my appointment with K wasn’t until 10 am, so I took a nice long shower and washed and conditioned my hair. I used my new leave-in conditioner. I had peanut butter toast and a protein shake for breakfast and watched some Santa Clarita Diet. I was under the impression that K would make me feel better about my lack of weight loss or any sign of physical improvement based on the last time, when she showed me the comparisons and the muscle I had gained, etc.

Unfortunately, the universe just has it in for me right now. K pointed out that I had gained fat mass and we need to shake up my program. She also said I need to start tracking my protein intake because I might not be getting to where I need to be and she’s probably right but it’s still insane that I am exercising more than I ever have in my entire life and I’m not losing any weight or improving my body in any way. K signed me up for an emergency appointment on Saturday to work out my new routine and whatnot. She also pointed out that STRESS could also be a contributing factor. Stress? What do I have to be stressed out about??

I made a raisin bran bread in the bread maker this afternoon but I guess I’m not clear on how to properly add in the raisins. I did it when I was supposed to but maybe not in the right way? All the raisins stuck to the bottom of the loaf, but the bread itself turned out nice. I started a little bit on my schoolwork but all I wanted to do was nap, so I went downstairs to my recliner and Sunny D curled up on my lap and we had a snooze until Reed came home from swimming.

Lorrie seems to have found someone she can move in with that was not previously listed as an option, so I guess I’m glad to hear that. I’m very glad she won’t be living on the streets. One less thing to worry about.

For dinner I made pork chops and stuffing because I was craving stuffing for some reason, and we watched Taskmaster and Murder, She Wrote. I’m going to read for a little while before bed. Tomorrow I need to get some more schoolwork done but I also want to go to Powell’s City of Books…maybe if I go to the gym early and then do my most pressing schoolwork right after Reed and I can go to Powell’s for a little while and do some retail therapy.

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