Some Days Are Hard

I have a few rough days in my journey lately.  There were a few days I couldn’t get to the gym and I ran out of antidepressants  so things were getting pretty gloomy. I got my refill, got back to the gym, and downloaded a food and calorie tracking app to help me out a little more.

I finished Frankenstein after a long slog. While I cannot deny its impact on our storytelling and our culture, as a book in modern day it falls a little flat . Also, Victor Frankenstein is the worst. Since I took so long with Frankenstein I only had a day and half before book club to read Hillbilly Elegy  but I did it! I had a lot of mixed feelings about that book and ultimately didn’t enjoy it  but I did appreciate a few things he said, particularly about underestimating yourself. So now book club is today  I can be with friends at a book store and talk about books.

This next week is going to be weird and busy. Along with work, I have jury duty to show up for on Wednesday and I am not happy about it. I understand it’s my civic duty but it’s going to cause me a lot of anxiety and I’m hoping I don’t get picked.

In good news, Reed is getting a smaller  firmer bed on Thursday so I’ll be taking his nice queen pillow top. It will be a vast improvement over the weird  bent uncomfortable bed I have now.

We finished the last season of Slings and Arrows, a very enjoyable Canadian TV show about a Shakespeare company. We’re also caught up on Schitts Creek, which is another Canadian show coincidentally. My friend loaned me Yellowstone  a TV show with Kevin Costner I’m not sure I’m enjoying. I also started The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which is both dumb and strangely entertaining.

My next book is for B&N book club and it is the Only Woman in the Room by Marie Benedict. It is about Hedy Lamarr and WWII. Also  I picked up some of Mary Oliver’s poetry and the very last Flavia de Luce book comes out on the 22nd, The Golden Tresses of the Dead. I am very excited and very sad the series is ending.

So I have lots to read, as always. Getting back on the wagon with my weight loss and demonsterification.

Let’s hope I don’t get picked for jury duty ..

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January 20, 2019

I’m sorry you’ve had a couple of rough days but look at how you are bouncing back!  You have much to be proud of.

January 21, 2019

@wildrose_2 thank you for your encouraging words 🙂