Snapped continued

My sister, doesn’t believe she has done anything wrong.

  1. She convinced MY family to move away with her and her family. Her excuse was “they’d never really do it. Oh and she said I sounded jealous.” Well they were enticed enough that they told me they were moving with her in two years. I know kids grow up and I know they move away but this just felt like she was taking my family away from me for her to have to herself. She would be the one watching MY grandson grow up. How could she honestly think that wouldn’t hurt me? Just because  your family is messed up does not mean you are free to take mine.
  2. My girls and sister were discussing their childhood and what kind of mom I was, why?… but anyway she takes what they say as 100% accurate and doesn’t point out any of the good stuff. She just kinda goes along for the ride when they bitch about me. She knows that we took them on road trips and vacations because she watched our dog. She knows that we got them a pool and other recreational items for them and their friends. She knows that we had slumber parties as he kids came to them. She knows that I fought like hell to get my visitations and then fought even harder to get custody back.
    She told them I was a great mom when we lived on Marion Street but she doesn’t know what kind of mom I was since we’ve lived here (which has been 17 years). She knows just as much from this house as she did the other. Which isn’t much  day-to-day stuff considering she didn’t live with us or visit frequently. She says “I should be glad they have someone to talk to and I should be grateful that she can be a 2nd mom to them.”

So, did she do some things wrong or did my ptsd just get the best of me and she is totally innocent? My oldest and I had an awesome relationship before all this and my youngest and I had a good relationship unless I disagreed with her…lol
Was my sister jealous of our closeness? Did she want to put a wedge between us? Was she envious or resentful of something?

I don’t blame her for the suicide attempt, that was all me and ptsd.

Or am I wrong to carry some anger towards her?

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February 20, 2018

I can totally understand how you’re feeling… You’re sister is in the wrong for not reminding your kids how much you love them and the good times you’ve had… She should be supporting you… Not trying to take YOUR kids away…

Sounds like you need to sit down with your sister AND your kids to have an honest and frank discussing about the things going on… Lay it all out there and see where it goes…

February 20, 2018

@c-mcconnell Thanks for the input. One of my girls moved to Florida so we can’t all sit down but maybe my oldest would.

Im trying to sort it out in my own head and make sure I’m not overreacting.

February 22, 2018

I would feel the same way you feel about this. 

Is this the sister you helped so much with her own kids when they were young?

February 22, 2018

@jezzybelle no different sister.

Thanks glad that I’m not being irrational.