I am sick and tired of Reta dragging my bf everywhere!

I’m not happy with Reta. My bf Rick was supposed to come see me today. Instead he, Reta and Troy went to Canada’s Wonderland and left poor Justin to just come see Colleen… which I think is F*CKING annoying. Stupid bitch.


We got rid of the critters… which is good. 🙂 It is pretty hot out… my sister spent the night ranting on FB… poor girl… she is beating herself up for a simple mistake. 🙁 You see, borrowing money is prohibited in my home so, and she borrowed a bit from different people and Chrissy narked on her. *smh*

I might make a vlog today since my room mate is not here. 🙂




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August 19, 2018

I’d be more mad at Rick than Reta.

That’s great that you got the pest out of your house.

Hopefully your sister’s situation works out.

@justamillennial My bf is a sweetie. He just wanted Reta to be happy bc her fiance had some really bad news.