what do you seek

there was nothing to cling to whilst i tripped on reality

images that wafted in between what i knew to be now

whispers that were carried to me which spoke of things

allowing myself to slide across that line and become

the shadows now embrace me, was all for naught?

or am i here to again learn that which eludes me

succumbing to a fear only to release and let it go

ebbing of emotions that twist and turn in flight

seeing and hearing hidden meanings in innuendo

what now as to where i go… and whom shall i be then

the edge has crept closer or is it that i have moved

peering down into the depths while laughter can be heard

eerily chilling as shivers run their course through

piercing gaze of eyes that look wondering what they see

delving deep within the soul as if searching for answers

and the question is then formed…

what do you seek…

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