First crack at poetry.

Who are you when the call ends?

After clicking the red button placed meticulously on the screen.

Do you sit in silence, with only the memory of the conversation playing back in your head?

Do you move directly on to the next task scheduled for the day, not allowing yourself to process the conversation and partial human interaction that you just experienced?

Or, do you pick apart every detail of the conversation that was just had and tell yourself how fucking stupid you sound?

Why do people talk to me?

Do you have an idea where the knowledge that you have came from? Books? Life experience? How do you decide what opinion is right and which is wrong? How do you know that yours is right?

If the color blue is the best color, how do you know?

When the call ends, do you stare at your reflection on the screen, unable to recognize the person staring back?

While the voice that leaves our mouth can speak to millions of people, the one that stays in our head only speaks to one. What does yours say?

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December 28, 2021

Wow!  I LOVE this…especially the last two lines.  Very good!!