Amongst the Rotting Gallows…

Wretch, uncouth, unclean
Flesh unknown, darkly cowled
Prayers to old gods, silent are the new
Amongst the rotting gallows, do I play?

Thy headsman teeters queerly
Thumbing a dirty edge
Faithless is the mob
HUNGRY! A beast rattles against it’s gaol

Calm, claws constructed neath the hands
Steeped in murder, VENGEANCE!
The rickety stairs moan in protest
Sky opens and plays its dirge

Reaching for the door
Dare… turn the key?
Turn it…  It soothes
LET US OUT… It Demands

Close the eyes, a click of the lock
Let loose, its hunger consumes jealously
Opulent are the screams of the soul-less
Nourishing on the fears; falsely pious

Among the hanged men perched
Crows salivating over flesh new and old
Turning the key the lock clicks
Amongst the rotting gallows… WE played…

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