Today I planted the blue henon

Today I planted the blue henon by the northern border, it’s the nearest to the house along that. A little further back is the black bamboo.

Two roots instead of one came, so I will keep one in a pot inside in case the border henon does not survive. I used the leftover soil in the pot to plant it in hopes it will adjust to the ground properly.

After this is the Madake. I have one single rhizome included with it, yet it is quite large, and I could barely fit it in my largest pot, having to bend it some. These two will overwinter indoors, and later on, God willing, be planted outdoors to flourish.

I look forwards to making a shakuhachi with it in the future, if I have the patience for such delicate work.

I am currently low on potting soil and pots. I only have some small ones, but could use a larger one or two. I shall try two more local stores for dirt.

I don’t know what to do with the aloe vera plant, it is simply too large and fills up an entire window. The cuttings I took from it easily sprouted as well. Since I have the smaller ones, the huge one should go, but where? You can’t sell something that large by mail order as the shipping it too much and the price too little. Well perhaps I should try anyway, some soul may want it. I am pretty sure it’s too large for my little old lady neighbor, it is almost half as big as she is, and can’t think of any family who would want it.

If I had enough dirt I could cut it into a number of little pieces and see how resilient it is growing up from very cut up cuttings. Perhaps I should try that instead. I wonder where I put those planting bags I have.

In some countries they mix aloe vera with honey and whiskey as a cure all. It may even help with some cancers. If you ever have tasted aloe vera rather than smearing it on a burn (to cool it), you’ll know very well why the phrase ‘bitter aloes’ came into use.

You might even introduce your friends to the history of this phrase with a taste test.

There seem to be some ways of reducing the bitterness besides whiskey and honey, I have yet to try anything more than a taste personally.

Well it’s about time I sat down at the piano for some practice and composition.


For now just regular piano practice, then some sound work. Too bad I don’t have a little plant in front of the piano.

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November 6, 2018

Maybe if you put an ad on craigs list and tell them they have to pick it up?  Or you can just give it away to maybe a hospital or old folks home?

November 6, 2018

@jaythesmartone That’s a nice idea. If the weather permits perhaps I’ll try to get rid of a bunch of things on the sidewalk or have a small sidewalk sale. Last time I wanted to get rid of a sink I didn’t even have to put an ad out, just sign saying free on it and it was gone minutes later.