No no square

No no square… an amusing dance move I saw on a friend’s tic toc.

 I looked back at some of my old writings and the children books are good,  looking at the artwork in done in water colors  made me feel  like maybe this one would be worth completing, even if its  just to put the pictures in frames and hang them in my  Granddaughter’s Room.


On another note I found some other stuff that I wrote, stories all jumbled up in more books…. some are really dark, I mean I remember them being dark… but wow. Like, I feel like some of these I don’t even wanna read because it takes me to a different place in my life where I was really unhappy and have decided that maybe looking back at some of those unhappy places is not where I wanna be with my life.   I wanna focus on myself. In the last few years I’ve gotten into fitness and I didn’t realize how much weight I had lost until I went through Facebook, fucky Facebook, and thank you Facebook for making me feel fat again. I gained about 15 lbs.  Anyways, as I was saying, I need to get back into fitness in this whole pandemic shit really is  just not cool.  I’m terrified to get sick and need to make sure I stay safe and healthy for my granddaughter. I ordered a bicycle so that I’ll be able to work out at home instead of my gym but it does  open at 4:00 a.m.  I’m thinking I might go because less people at that time maybe…  who knows. Stay safe everybody and  Good night.


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