Good News=Good Day

All of us like to hear good news so I’ll write about a couple of good things that happened to me today.

First, I received an unexpected check in the mail. (This sounds like the Law of Attraction and maybe it is.) It came from my GAP car insurance. I wrecked my car back in December two days before Christmas. It’s taken this long to get the payoff settled. My car is paid for in full now and I had a small refund that was sent to me. My dog, Bella, has been needing to go to the vet. Now I’ll be able to pay for it. 😄

Second, I got an email from Open Diary saying they recovered one of the two diaries I had here years back. I’m very excited! I had to submit a different email address since the one I have is associated with this diary. I’m waiting for a reply. I can’t wait to read my old diary again!

Aside from these two things, I was already having a good day. This added to it. 😊💖👍

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August 22, 2019

Those are both great news. Probably good to finally have the car stuff all settled. Hopefully you get your old diary recovered

August 22, 2019

Nice to read about happy things.  Not that we always have to be happy, but it seems like we need to vent more often when we are miserable.