My Apologies For Disappearing

I’m sure it happens, I simply did not subscribe to OD and my 30 days ran out. Before that happened, I took some time to myself to reflect as all of us do. I’ve not been going through the greatest of times. I’ve struggled with relationship issues and also medical issues. These two themes have been the norm since 2015 especially, but also an ongoing thing over my lifetime. What does that say about me? I’m sure it’s partly being human, however, if we don’t take care of ourselves or if we are in other’s care who don’t tend to us, we can fall behind.

So, forgive me. I’m back now. 😊

I keep and have kept a private journal for many years here and have this one now in addition to the old one. I was surprised that OD requires a fee for each diary rather than a choice to have as many diaries as you wish for that price. And I guess it comes down to the maintenance of the site. I’m sure it’s a hard job. So, I paid for both, of course.

I will say I believe I am finally on the mend. It’s been a long, hard climb and I’m still climbing. Wish me strength. I do need it. And…thank you!

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October 26, 2019

I am glad you are back.  I did miss you a lot.  But just to get your perspective in a better place why not say you are on a journey rather then climbing?  Because a journey is straight ahead and a climb is always going up and that can get tiresome sometimes?

October 26, 2019

@jaythesmartone Yes, journey is a better word. Thank you!

October 26, 2019

Welcome back. I hadn’t even thought of getting a second, private diary on here.

October 26, 2019

@heffay I started mine years ago. It was a place to put my feelings and keep them private. I don’t want to lose all of that. Thanks for the welcome back. 🙂