My Passions…



*Graphic Design (especially book design, magazine pages, ads)

*Web Design

*Art (all varieties)


*Reading (anything and everything)

*Writing (Poetry, Non-Fiction, some Fiction, Quotes)


*Making my own natural meds, beauty, household  products

*Theater/Film/Movies/Netflix/Hulu/etc. etc.



*Teaching others (anything but also homeschooling)

*Homesteading (although it hasn’t been possible for a while)

*Decorating by seasons


*Not cleaning but when everything is clean then I am happy

*Research (Googling topics)

*Pretty much all of the ‘ologies..Anthropology, Paleontology, Archaeology, Zoology, Entomology (Etymology too), Biology, blah, blah, blah

*Science (see previous), Botany, Earth Science

*Candles and Oil Lamps (collecting and burning)


*Flower Gardening



*Making lists


I’m sure there are probably a few more. This is most of what keeps me going in life.

I shot my profile photo of Milk Thistle, a wildflower and medicine. I will share more photography as time goes by and when I figure out how. 😀

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September 4, 2019

Geez, you remind me of a friend of mine. She loves crafts and making stuff. I just finished being a test subject for soap she wants to sell. I forgot the kind, it’s the type of soap that it takes weeks for it to be ready, I think that’s cold process.

I used to do graphic design, but I convinced myself I wasn’t good enough to do it as a career. I don’t know how much of that was depression lying to me.

I look forward to future posts where you share some of your knowledge in areas. I love learning. Be prepared for me asking questions.

September 4, 2019

@heffay Ask away! Do you know how to post photos here? 🙂

September 4, 2019

@wildflower1217 I do. When you are writing an entry, right above the box where you’re writing and There below the entry title box are two buttons. If you use the featured image feature, the picture will show up on the OD front page. Add media is where you go to add pictures, YouTube videos, whatever

September 4, 2019

Oops, get rid of the “there” before below the entry title box

September 4, 2019

@heffay I should have visited the Help button. I’m not able to add images until my 30-day free trial is up. 🙄

September 4, 2019

@wildflower1217 Oh yeah, that would be the problem then. I’m sorry. I was looking forward to your pictures

September 4, 2019

@heffay I’ll get there. I do plan on paying for a subscription. 😀

September 4, 2019

I hope you take a minute to breathe and relax or is this how you relax?

September 4, 2019

@jaythesmartone LOL! It’s how I relax and have fun. I don’t do all of them at once. I’d kill myself!😀