Last Saturday I had an assessment centre for a job with Cleveland Police in their contact centre.  First up was a multi tasking test.  I had to do a quiz and, every so often, a bell would sound and a phrase was read out, which I had to type onto a word document.  Next was role playing taking two calls and finally was the actual interview.  I think it went well.  They emailed today to apologise for the fact a decision has yet to be made, but I should hear sometime next week.

Sunday was frustrating.  I decided to get a haircut and a shave.  Normally, when I ask for that, I get a number 2 all over and a hot towel shave.  This time, my haircut felt uneven at the back and the shave was with an electric shaver.  They still charged me full price, however.  Here is me, looking grumpy for obvious reasons afterwards:

I then wandered round town and had a look at some of the stuff for Middlesbrough Arts Week:

Monday, I got pissed off with Triage.  I got a phone call on Thursday saying there was a course they wanted me to take and to be at the office at 9:30 on Monday.  When I got there, I discovered that the course they wanted me to do was one I had already done through them, so I didn’t have to bother.  Now, I’m waiting for them to call and somehow make it my fault.

Then on Tuesday, I lost my watch.  I knew it was in the house, because it was still connected to my phone, but I could not find it.  It didn’t help that the find my watch thing on the app doesn’t make my watch make a sound.  I know I had it on when I went to bed, but it had just somehow vanished.  I found it in my laundry basket.

Things picked up though.  I got my copy of Dadi Freyr debut album, the final release date for the new When Rivers Meet album was announced, Loki S2 seems batshit in the best way and tomorrow I’m going to see The Lottery Winners live.


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