I drink and I know things

Game of Thrones tonight!  Can’t wait.  Also, finally got a release date for the new season of Veronica Mars.

Gutted about Notre-Dame.  After everything it survived, all that history gone.

Found out about the placement on Friday.  They’ve already got someone for the first one but, if I’m willing to wait 8 weeks, I’m in.  OK, I can wait.

Finished watching Wrestlemania on Saturday.  Wasn’t the best, but not bad.

Found out that Metallica have made a craft lager.  Well, they’ve teamed up with a brewery so they can make an official craft lager.  Same difference.  Might have to get my hands on some.

My parents are coming down to visit my brother, sister in law and the kids this week.  I’m going through to Newcastle on Thursday to see Life of Brian on the big screen so i’ll probably be meeting up with them then.


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April 15, 2019

Being under 18 is because you were born earlier?  Not sure why they would ask that question that way…Most applications ask what year you were born.

May 1, 2019

lol! that is an odd question. maybe they mean, please state why you think you can do this job if you aren’t an adult?