I have a lunch date!

I couldn’t let that pun go unappreciated.

Don’t get too excited about the title.  Yes, I have a lunch date tomorrow, but it’s with my sister and nephew.  She messaged me on FB today to ask if I wanted to meet them tomorrow, seeing as I couldn’t go round on Friday and I, going into town anyway, said yes.  Looking forward to it.

The reason I’m heading into town the morn is because I still have no fucking clue what I’m getting dad for Christmas, so I’m heading in to see if I can find something.

I did find something yesterday when I was on my way for a swim.  The supermarket near my parents had some stalls and one of them had a glass.  On it was some darts with a scroll saying “Dad” and turquoise glitter on the bottom.  I decided to buy it on the way back, but the stall had already closed down.


Today I’ve been lazy.  I haven’t left the house all day.


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Aw. I hope it’s there still. 🙂

December 22, 2019

I hope you can still get that glass for your dad……Whatever you do get him DO NOT GET HIM SOCKS….I use to get my dad socks and I don’t think he really liked them….But then what does a 10 year old get their dad who has everything?  But I know your dad will love whatever you get him…and enjoy the time with your sister and nephew.