Lord. Here we go again

Theme of the week:

If a fairy or an angel came to you and said you were allowed to go back to the past, what things would you change to make it a better future for you? If you change nothing, why?

*YAWN* Why is it that people are obsessed with this question?

Now, I’ve already answered it here and here but I’ll bite again.


Why? I refuse to believe that anyone genuinely hates themselves and everyone else in their life by wishing that things were different.

As I said before, humans are more than skin and bone. Every single one of us is also a collection of our experiences, memories and relationships. To change one thing, no matter how small, would be to change you.

You may have heard of this, it’s usually called the butterfly effect.

I like where I am now. I like who I am now. Are there things in past that I’m not proud of or that I’m not happy about the outcome?. Course there is.

The fact is that if I did change any of these things then I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be me. And I’m not willing to risk that on a load of what if, shoulda, coulda, woulda bullshit. In fact, IMHO, trying to indulge in that sort of behaviour is nothing short of self hatred. Which is a waste of time.

The past has happened. It’s over. Learn from the lessons it gives you and look forward.



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