No Boss for me

Found out this week that Bruce Springsteen is playing a gig in Sunderland next year and tickets went on sale today.  Got through the queue to buy tickets.  £104 for the cheapest ticket, for a standing ticket (which is the one I wanted), it was £140.  No chance I could afford that.  So, I paid the deposit for Bearded Theory festival instead.  Now I just need to get a tent…

The screen on my phone has got cracked, so it’s going in for repair tomorrow.

I’ve decided to get into blackwork, because it’s going to open up different cards for me to make for people.  I’ve got a decent looking kit to start with.  The main problem is that I really don’t like doing back stitch…

I’ll leave you with the official video for, of all unexpected things, the last ever Beatles song:


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November 4, 2023

I totally understand the artists have to charge for wages of themselves and various staff, transport costs etc. but some are just plain greedy! Waylon Jennings used to give free tickets to a lot of his concerts and he and his team paid for them themselves!

November 4, 2023

Cute cartoon.

Concert ticket prices, Broadway ticket prices, even local theater prices have all skyrocketed. It’s a shame.