Something completely unexpected but delightful happened today.  I was watching a recording of a stage version of Hamlet starring Andrew Scott (Moriarty in Sherlock) when I was struck with the urge to write.  This urge got stronger until I just had to get going.  I kinda wish it hadn’t happened at 4am, particularly when I’m meeting a friend for a drink at 1pm (he’s worried about me after my bad day on Thursday), but there you go.

It’s not the novel.  It was going to be one short and has turned into 2.  The first one needs a hell of a lot of work.  The second one, I think is OK.  (At this stage, that’s a high compliment).  So, the purpose of this entry, aside from my excitement that my writing mojo has returned, is to see if anyone would be willing to read it and give me feedback.  Now, I won’t be sending it out for about a week (this is the very first draft and no-one who is not me gets to read the very first draft), but I thought I’d ask now.

If you’re interested, leave your email address as a note and I’ll send it your way.  There’s no deadline for getting it back to me but, obviously, sooner is better than later.

I’ve just found out that there’s no way to set all notes on this entry to private so, if you are leaving me your email address, don’t forget to tick the relevant box.

Thanks in advance.


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April 1, 2018

How exciting that your writing mojo has returned!  Fantastic!  I’m sorry that I’m not able to read what you’ve written but that’s only because my attention span hasn’t been so great as of late.  Keep on keeping on with your writing.  😀

April 1, 2018

Hey how long is your script? What kind of input did you want the reader to give you? Would it be grammatical, or how the story flows, or if it all comes together nicely? 🙂

April 2, 2018

@agenieinabottle At the moment it’s five pages, but it’s not done yet.  Shouldn’t be much above that though.  I’m looking for feedback about if it’s actually any good and how it flows.  Stuff like that.

April 1, 2018

What are your expectations of a proof reader?  I’m a critical reader.  Then again, I only taught 4th grade.  🙂

April 2, 2018

@zhnee I’m looking for feedback about if it’s actually any good and how it flows.  Stuff like that.