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Now I feel I have to comment on the case of the killers of James Bulger. I was going to leave this alone but I read a letter in one of todays newspapers which has set me off.

For those who are not Brittish and therefore might not know about this, James Bulger was abducted and killed eight years ago. The killers turned out to be two ten year old boys. They are to be released on lifetime licences, and given new identities.

As you can imagine, this has caused a storm of protest in Britain. However, the following letter, printed in todays News of the World, has really pissed me off:
The killers should be shipped out of the country as soon as possible or positively identified. We cannot risk mobs mistakenly targeting innocent young men in their hunt for this evil pair.
D Grey, Perth.

I’ll let that last bit sink in. This is not suggested to protect hypothesised future victims. It is not so that future workmates or partners will know the truth. This is suggested to help mobs hunt them.

WTF? Since when has Britain lived under mob rule? Assault’s assault no matter what the victim has done before. Justice is to be served by courts, not the people.

And for those of you who do not think justice has been done in this case, bear in mind that the original sentance given was seven years. This has been served. Therefore justice has been done. They might have spent longer if Michael Howard, the then Home Secetary, had not put his foot in it and lengthened their sentance personally, a move which was then declared illegal under E.U. law.

Also remeber. They were ten. They were put on trial in a adult court. Two scared boys. And charged with murder. If I had commited the same crime, and been found to have a mental age of ten, I would be tried for manslaughter. And don’t believe anything you read about the two of them not having changed. Away from their broken homes, away from the situations they were in before, anything is possible.

I have also heard it said that they cannot be truely sorry for what they did as they have refused to speak to James’s parents. But could that not be a sign of how sorry they are? It can be hard to face the people you hurt the most with your actions. Whether it is as serious as murder, or breaking someones heart. As the old song says, sorry seems to be the hardest word.

Not that I’m condoning what they did. Nor can I condone mob justice. The decision has been made. We can either look to the past and stagnate, or look to the future and grow. The same can be said about Princess Di (more on that later).

This entry will probably upset some people. But remember, it is just my opinion. And if it got you thinking, good.


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July 1, 2001

That is why I davnt put them in the scum bag. I am a very forgiving person, but the likes of Chris Evans cannot be forgiven! They will be hunted down and killed, I promise you, I give them 4 weeks max.

Most people’s views on this subject p*ss me off. Seems few people are willing to give them a second chance. I reckon one of the reasons the world is so f*cked up is cos few are willing to give people second chances. Hmm. Anyway. Take care dear

I think it’s just one of those things where there are so many situations you have to look at and different views. like the 2 boys parents. james’s parents. it’s just very scary. I couldn’t say whether the boys are sorry or not-only they know. like jame’s parents said-anything that’s done to them will be in james’ name. sad. i don’t think i made sense at all here. oops.

i agree with you , they have served their time and if they ever do anything wrong again they will be punished for it. It isn’t like they are going to be let out with no supervison. The people who sentence them know where they are and what they did, those boys will never be allowed to forget it and i don’t think they could. It is going to be hard enough for them anyway.