The Ballad of Me and My Smart Meter

Pink hair, don’t care.

I need to get better at writing here.

So, I finally got a smart meter for my gas fitted.  I’ve been wanting one for ages, to make it easier to top up.  The first two appointments the bloke turned up, told me they couldn’t fit it and left.  The third one cancelled the appointment day off.

So, this time it was actually fitted and then the gas was capped off.  Apparently, there was a gas leak.  I phoned my landlord, who said there wasn’t a leak.  Turns out, there has been ever since I moved in.  The gas pipe into the boiler wasn’t tightened properly.  I do have to point out, I’ve never smelt any gas.

Then, I went to top up, only to find that I couldn’t.  Phoned EDF, only to be told I couldn’t yet, but not to worry as I couldn’t be disconnected.  I was still running up a debt though.

Finally topped up yesterday.  So, that’s sorted.

Apart from that, not been up to much.  Buying records, dying my hair.  I’ve also started buying Christmas cards, mostly because they are cross stitch kits and I need to get going on them.

Friday, I’m going to see Beans on Toast live again.  Much looking forward to it.

This is the issue with leaving it so long before entries.  I forget stuff to write about.


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