The Rage factor!

So, as some of you may know, I got myself a ticket to the free Rage Against The Machine gig in London next month. (Actually, just under a month to go!)

I’ve finally got things sorted out about going.

First of all, I needed to let the ticket company know that I’ve changed address. (Long story short, landlord moved me from one of his houses to another one.) Problem is, I didn’t actually book the ticket. Despite the fact it’s a free gig, the person booking the ticket needed to provide credit/debit card details. And to change my address, I needed to provide the last four digits of said card number.

Which I don’t have and I’m not exactly going to ask a complete stranger for their information.


Finally a link appeared on their website for a contact form. So I filled that out, told them the situation (saying it was a friend and not a complete random stranger) and giving both addresses.

Got an email back saying it had been changed and the ticket will be sent to my new address.

So, now I know I’ll definitely get my ticket, just to worry about transport and accommodation.

Looked everywhere I could, it seemed that my only option was about £30 on a return bus ticket. From Middlesbrough to London. No stops. Hmmmm.

Then I went to the official The Rage Factor website as they announced the support act today. And discovered that See Tickets are running buses to/from the event. Now, the nearest departure to me is Leeds. So, bus there, from there to Finsbury Park, gig, bus back to Leeds then back to Boro. It will cost me more (about £60), but when you factor in the fact that I won’t have to worry about accommodation (which would have had to have been two nights) it works out pretty much even.

So, that’s everything sorted.


Yeah, the support acts were announced today. First on the stage will be Gallows. Never heard of them before but I’ve since listened to some of their stuff and they’re actually really good. Go here to hear some of their stuff. Next it’s Roots Manuva, who I like then, befre Rage themselves is Gogol Bordello. Ahhh. Never mind, three good acts out of four at a free gig. Can’t really complain.

Roll on June 6th!



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