They did the monster mash!

Full pic:

The Lottery Winners gig was good.  The opener was James Leonard Hewitson, who I enjoyed but probably could have done with a backing band instead of tracks.  Marketplace were enjoyable, breaking guitar string aside (The Lottery Winners lent them a guitar, then the crew replaced the broken one).

The Lottery Winners were brilliant.  Weird as always, but great fun and the audience were well up for it.  I left with three t shirts, a new album on vinyl and an art print.

I got lucky.  I was planning to get a bus back to Stockton and get home from there, but the last bus to Boro was late, so I managed to get that instead.

Forgot to mention before, but my mum got a frame for the 50th anniversary card I made for her and dad.  Not seen it yet, but can’t wait to.

Monsters!  One of the shopping centres in town has been overrun with them:


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October 27, 2023

Monsters! I love them.

October 27, 2023

Love the monsters!