I never mentioned the volunteering thang.

Last time I saw the bloke from Working Links, he signed me up for voluntary work.  Gardening in a cemetery.  Now, it’s not the cemetery bit I object to, it’s the bit where I’m gardening with mild hayfever.  But, there we are.

I had a training session for it today.  While there, I was encouraged to look at the volunteering website and I saw they were looking for people to work in a library.  There we are, a bit more like it.

So, I’ve emailed and said I want to change over.

I also bought the incense burner in the pic.  Innit awesome?


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July 17, 2019

Yeah awesome…..I like incense especially some of the smells

July 17, 2019

I think it’d be nice to volunteer at a library, especially compared to a cemetery