Arrest records

Dear Sarah,

I am trying to look at arrest records and it makes me so anxious because if I do not see an arrest result that could be wrong and I might freak out unnecessarily and I loathe the idea of PAYING for a report only to find out that I am not safe but I do not know what the safest place would be to look for these records and find out. Something strange happened though: I searched for him and it asked if he had a relative named Maria. At first I said no but wait this Maria he used to hang out with, he says he doesn’t talk to her anymore because his dog bit her dog according to her and that is not possible. That is a strange reason to stop talking to someone when looking for a police report shows me that he has a relative named Maria — did he marry her, does he have other houses somewhere? I cannot imagine anyone hanging out like that with pure evil unless they were being abused and I am wondering what the connection is that makes Maria family. It is so easy to marry in Las Vegas, and I don’t know how hard marriage records are to find either but could Maria be his wife? If so I can only imagine she was forced by violence. He hung out a lot with a woman named Diana and then later Maria on two different visits and they are the ONLY prople I have ever seen him hang out with aside from Maria’s daughter who I played with at his house years ago. All I remember is going to Zion National Park with them and then her daughter liking tjis song about castor oil and playing fashion games where you dress characters in different clothes. It is him: same addresses in Las Vegas and New Jersey, but if it was sooo easy for me to find that information why has nobody in my damily ever wondered if they might be married? There is no other relation between them that I can think about and if they are married it is only to cover up heaps of abuse my forcing ger with violence into something. Are these women okay? Diana was the one who had all the dogs (who he pretended to care anout but probably killed as part of his evil plan) and he told me right before exposing his evil about how sad one of his dogs was when the other one died and asarah I can’t deal with violence against animals I need a friend. It all makes me think he could actually be the reincarnation of Hitler, like, he was born months after Hitler died as far as I can tell though I am too scared to do the math, and not only that… he told me he is 77 and he wants to go to see Adele but tickets are $1000 which is exactly how much money I had in my savings account when I was little and I was always told it was to buy a car but I bought Microsoft stock with it instead. Then he was like, Taylor Swift is cheaper, like $600 or something, snd he is clearly evil and threatening me with the devil. I know this sounds absurd but Sarah maybe only you could understand. Why has nobody in my family said anything at all about how suspicious that Maria shows up as family but none of his birth family does. What does this all mean?



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