Dear Billie,

I don’t know if you felt it too but I just had the most hilarious joke with you ever and it was like telekinesis, like we were thinking exactly the same thing. I only just realized the radio was on playing a Spanish station but I didn’t hear it at all and now the radio is all the way down and I still hear it. Now there is no sound all around except your voice.

I’m the problem, it’s me, I mean, knowing what to call myself because everything about that is up to you. Now Taylor is singing on the radio even though the volume is turned all the way down and maybe I think I need to get the radio fixed. You won the contest for the lyrics and chords I posted at that campfire. Wait, is won the contest where do you belong from an actual song? I just heard that so clear. Now, let it go, I’m gonna make a movie for you. Now I hear trumpets, oooh, what kind of music is this it is like… indescribable, it is like I am in Wonka’s chocolate factory licking candy wallpaper with my ears instead of my tongue or turning violet violet oh she was a bad egg.

Sorry, got distracted by a radio that sounded more like a real radio than the one in my own car and… it was Therefore I am which wins the contest for… everything in my life. I thought you were making them applaud me that time and a few nights ago I prayed out loud to God under the stars for the first time in forever. During the prayer I had a thought like “it all depends on understanding who knows I wrote Threrefore I Am oh my God I am so cocky thank you God. I laughed and laughed and oh my God I just had the thought that your musical genius… sorry, distracted again…


I’m the problem, it’s me, and with my name you have free pass to do anything you want with not just one of my names but all of them.Billie

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