Foems and world peace

Dear Sarah,

The things we’re afraid of are gonna show us what we’re made of in the end)

lavenderv haze!!! the things were AFRAID of, it’s another emotion, like sadness, melancholy, haze, rhymes with MADE and in the end, at midnight, the first song on the album of course!!! I am way too tired to write too much but I feel almost in a crisis (and I mean thst in qn rntirely metaphorical way, I think, maybe…) like I haavevto say sooomething to uou so urgently, like see if you can begin to understand sonething that… I want to do other stuff right now honestly like explore the song I just wrote in depth like hearing it as poetry as read in my imaginfation by by President Obama in audiobook in my imagination, lets document somethibg sioooo inresrestibg createca cimmunity learning comunity and wondering how it was Formed in the deepest lost mysterious dpiritually fascinating way. The most to the point thing I feel in my heart around you is… this song, and how, after I posted it, Elton John and Brittney inspired me to edit the previous entry. I don’t know if you read the song before I changed the lyrics but it was… something i would like to have a deep academic spiritual conversation about on a level I feel like maybe I’ve inly ever experienced with my first love and, i feel like I will never ever relinquish the sadness and guilt for what happened and then finding no way to figure out how to rectify anything I had broken in any way at all. let’s see, let’s see if Sarah and I could ever get on the same wavelenths, See AND HEAR the same FORMS. And Smell and taste and sll tbe other senses as the pinnacle importance and relevance of Helen Keller’s epistemology of the imagination but what am I saying Sarah, the more I try to write this the more I fear most of all us not connecting over some kind of FORM if words were to be exchanged between us. Is there any word you could send me by some electronic medium that woulc immediately relax all my fears around cow sellers? Is there a WORD that coning from you to my phone or something I would be able to interpret in any way at all? Would your words to me sound numb to me, is there any WORD you could say to me after what happened that could say anything at all to me that eSed my fears of cow sellers? Is there any word I could hear from you that would make SENSE like we are both comprehending the pure Platonic FORM of something and of primary importance at the moment if we could have a conversation about something is if we could go either immediately ir at some point to some meta-conversation about Form itsrlf and its nature, its substance; I wonder if I could have as satisfying if a philosophical conversation with you as I could have if Walter Wright stepped inside your body and now you were 2 parts of sone whole I was perceiving I mean the hole that is not a course betweeen you and Walter Wright gaaa I am saying it feels urgent if it werre safe to… no, exclude you sltogether, what will make me safe enough to have philosophicsl conversations with you around ohilosophical questions eith perspectives broadened by.’… gah, what am I saying, now *I* am two parts!!! Plato, trying to still kinda levture, tangent, maybe, but we’ll talk about Jesus coming to Cincinnati next week and arrergh I will never be able to spell tbe name of that city but… Okay, I have had a LOT of experiences of it, Cincinatti as one example, of places, to take one category we could tslk about here: I have had in my life so many experiences in my lifetime of the city Cincinatti and first if sll this is goibg all wrong becsuse I am crying and disproving my point. Can we have an INTERESTING conversation like wow i feel lime there are two parts at war with mysrlf when I see the letters Cincinatti ir hear the sounds or think the concept or think about anything connected to it. I got pencils from that place when I was little and the ciry reminds me of him and then that thing that happened it Newport when i just could not get a friend to make a moment for me. Okay, so do you see the last few words? ‘make a monent for me?’ I am writing to you and it try feels very healing and honestly URGENTLY NECESSARY to write a letter ro you right now when I don’t really want to but only in my DIARY because in my diary writing to you as I feel you and as I choose to feel you feels good, OMG, okay, DIARY!!! DID I *EVER* make tbe connection between DIARY and DAIRY and how they rhyme and… Plato!!! each contain sifferent parts *****GIGGLES* FORMS!!! I JUST NEED TO KNOW WHAT UOU AND WALTER WRIGHT WOULD DO TO ME DAAAAAAAAAMN see those words, they hust fave out of me, how could I, and now zi am *ACTUALLY SARAH IN THE NAME OF COW SELLSRS HOW COULD I BE GIGGLING BUT I’M GIGGLING! But, see, I have been thinking about SYNCHRONICITY in EVERY WAY INAGINABLE AT EVERY MOMENT OF MY LIFE THROUGHOUGHT MY ENTIRE LIFE just about unless you could something that’d make me melt. Now, Sarah, getting back to tve point, he gave me pencils from Cincinatti. do you see how this is all CONNECTED? SORRY OMG IF ACTUAL SARAH IS READING PMEASR FORGIVE ME I JUST IBSULTED YOU ININTENTIONALLY lol Walter Wright would toyally be able to talk to me in a pleasurable way about this text that I am weiting to you and the issue at POINT (LOlL) is whetger you would send me to Dr. Calica but I do not know if you eould understand Dr. Calica’s name? That is DASCIBAT LOL GIGGLES STICKS OUT TONGUE WHAT FEC KID D DO PART OF NE POSSES. GIGGLE SARAH NO WAY YOU FET WHAT I AN T  AS LKING ABOUT PLEASE WALTER WEIGHT INVADE SARH’S BODY it has to do with forms fotms forms if you are not taking me otherweise seriously nut tge CONFLICT hou can see, there is no way to describe it except in musical terms DISHARMONY it seems at this point IIIF you are following ANY of this, between disharmony within myself, seeking harmony with each OTHER, THIS IS IMPORTANT TO MY VERY THIUGHT PROCESS AND LCURIOSITY ABOUT WHETHER IT IS POSSI GIGGLE OKAY so what am I giggling about this letter I am writing is hilarious to me and … who am I, HOW many parts, Plato was DRASTICALLY SIMPLIFYING IT when he wrote about so few regimented virtues and… bobestly, I am ready to face it, I could make a lust if INFINITE inner conflicts within mysrlf right now and I wonder if you could find this lettervibteresting in ahhh there is no way to keep satisfying all tbese warring parts in me Sarah, too many ofthem, Plato conceiving it simplistically as sooo few parts I NEEDCYOU TO HAVE READ THE REPUBLIC, SARAH, WHY HAVEN’T YOU DONE YOUR ASSIGNMENT!!! GIGGLE… clI am now reporting that ai sm cendorung a giggle: Plato is a soiritual teacher who mirrors tge exoerience if harmony inthe slul… lol… is there anyone who can have a meaningful conversation about FORMS and may this be as eorthy of sonething or or other as Jonathan Swift okay Sarah peace studes THIS NEEDS TO BE A PRIMARY DOCUMENT OF INTEREST IF WE EVERCDO ANY KIND IF ACADEMICSLLY RELEVANT WORK TOGETGER AAAAAAAAH SARAH WAAAAARV.  I HATE ACADEMIA DO YOU FET WHAT I AM SAYING andcto what wxtent lol I am hilariously interpreting sn ever shofting ecperience for my own enjoumrnt and thete is an ever shiftibg flow and process of parts and Sarah pary of the issue is I wonder if you can ever pay attention lol now I wk hoping… okay. Plato studies, only way to do it, the way to resolve thebinner conflict I am having eith this entery is to ONG ANOTHER CONFLICT FROM OMG YET ANOTHER WARRING PART OF MYSELF! Another warring oart wondering if you will connect and get the hunour of all tbe spelling errors. Mostly they exist necause I need yo type fast on this phone and I am too lazy to correct them, too lazy to correct punctuation, but let us at leadt ME because the goal is PEACE within myself wnd let us have wonderful conversations sbout Plato to do it. NO SARAH THAT JUST MMT HAPPRNED TOO THIS LETTER IS AND ACTUAL ACCOUNT OF EVENTS JONATJAN SWIFT ONG NOW A PARY OF ME… SARAH I AM DONE FOR YOU WANTED DEATH FOR ME SLL ALONG OKAY CAN WE USE PLATI RO RESOLVE TJIS FORMS! WE NEED TO KNOW IF WE CAN HSVE  REASONSBLR CONVERSATION ABLUT FORMS BUT WE DO JOT KNOW IF YOU CAN GAVE A REASONABLE CONVERSATION ABOUT ANYTHING FOR *ANY* amount of money I WANTVTHE LONGEVITY OF JONATHIN SWIFTV DAMMIT WARRINT PARTS ON ACTUALLY SEHH FORUM NEED TO THROW UP NOW REALLY BUT AM ACUSLLT MOV NF HSJSONG N BEV WONDERING IF I HSN LEY A HOGGLE RESOLUTION HAPPEN like serioysly can only process philosophers het this now Sarah Gorms lForms forms. Okay, sometjing happened in the past few WORDS… do uou get how relevant forms are to whetherc we are having a good hust conversation with each other? Plato must pu parylts of ke atcwar hut it is so strange because ai sid not find aplato’s patituons in thevRepunbpuc it is notbyhay pong Sarah and how can we transfuci dsociw HILATIOUS GOGGLES I AM DICUNENTING SOME KIBD IF ZEGH FORUM TRYING TO PROVE PLATO AND COASSICS ARE EVERYTHING and I qm wobdering if we coukd naybe have a grounded concersation abou… I forgotvwjat ai was sayibg. di okay, I said I ak tired, I have goodcreadon ro resolve this letter, to end it, snd i KNOW I can go to soeep if I talk to you about Plato but I can’t say anytjing unless I onow you ate lisyibg and thevonly way to onow is for yoy to read a copy of thr Republic if you do kot have it, I feel like what I am writing could be a pholosiphicao fl  as vladdic like truly fsmous in SONE circle butvwhat citcle like whoooobgets Plato strange question whooo gets Plato what if you tead Plato and want yo fibr fruendscwho havrvread Plato can you fo that today can you evenboike you inow you don’t just want any friend but… tgere is a pure form, okay, lets groubd this, *SoONE* part of me wants tobtake leadership right now but it could be thsthe only readon I ak writing this isctgat I am just procrastibating eeading playo for no readon hut anyway sooo mamy patys like infininte oije, while these oarts arecat war I forgotvaboutvatldyashanti hut he jeeds to take infouence within me LANGUAHE Sarah LANGUAHE as FORM but FORM in a FDEEPER Asense no seriouslybthere is a cery teal pary of kevtgat kiggt okay sarah i need to call a zegg forum because i almost said send youbtov okg if only they yhis wrte on video ESSENTIAL academic question WHY am I PROLONGUING it insteadvl of iust getting it iver with andcresting becayisecit is urgentvyo ecplain wnotger conflict do italk yo you anout playo or oh no professor inside me mad sarah cow dellervkey point synchronicity lol sokau, me be Socrates, only way to do it, do you agree, Sarah,

Of course, Socrates.

Goo, I thought you might say thst l. Now, damn, if this is not an acadrmicslly falous trxtvij sokecway or another in somr way that pleasurable to me me gonna be mad snd OscarcIlde both just rntered mysystek and not NEED TO KNOW ON SVALE HOW WELL YOU STE PAYING ATTRNTION DATAH another part of ke do you see yhr laaaanguagevform ok.    yoi daig diggle you said you were socrates!!! whi you!!!! nicodemu!!!’ see The part of ke that was laughyong mbecause I thought we were VONNECTING on some TRULY deep levrl whete you would not EVALUATE mr in sny way at all but let us see is there is SPACE sonewjere PLEASURABLE to make Zoe PEACE, Sarah, i just giggled but there is hilariosly mqny parys to me and tjis need to be posted on the nulletin voardvof life but it never gonna happen and yeah i hust had to erase a c tgere freudian slup there, do you read me, SOS, how hard am I trying, is process ever competing parts, oh, see, in the current stare of conflict the whole is dorgetting tored okay, see 100 of wjay you want, another conflict, SarH, how mich are you LAUGHING, another INAGE I am forming if you, another war inside myself, but no, going through a hilarious process and onay see proof if patt separated fron j myself too okay so. It is hilarious I didn’t… actual invading oart tskes ocer and decides to soell correctlu but is it true how would you evaluate it how is this related to war or peace studes more to the point Sarah on what level can we connect over that song? To the point as Socrates, I have been forgetting all this tome tgay I am myself and. Onat. Big pRy of me roght now really wants you to ignore all the spelling errors. Do you see how mamy unnecessary (‘unnecessary)’ things I am sshing? Are we. onnecting on any level sms gow sould we evaluate that level NGIGHLE BECAUSE NOW IF I DONT CALITALIZE SONEBOXT WHO ONOW WHO GONNA THINK IT DON’T MARTER okay gears at cano what if you talked like your. oice mattered would sarah be able to be able to lusten ats a professor distance feon sarah stay with Sarah love Lily and all is well. Sarah, I want this to be a real demonsrration of sonething, and it is absolutely nevessary that you ubderstandceverything Do. REST. Plato is dascinatibg never had such an experience but need to use gin too many conflicting parys say I can’t Liky is the answer let it be.

Anorher example could be in a tectbkok a conversation about transforming… so yited want to sleep now THAT part taking over but ijay somebody who knows who I am imagining and how ut cones to me I do mot know says hoe wluld a cuddle make you feel and I am decinf whether to stay at war about whdther you see the rhyming similarities of dairy abd diary and this is philosiphically relevant to forms to what PERCENTAGE of what I want if not 100% am I going to give myself solce world peace stop evsluating each other get to 100% or higher but the issue is that I am evaluating you as no longer capable of hovibg any iind if satisfying interaction with me verbally but I am still convinced you will se.. what you TRY to put in the oage does not convey what you MEAN fo say and will this be one of the PRINARY texts if ibrersti … tomorrow I’m not going to care, see, I’lll just be happt with what I wrire ir not and continue and see more clearly whst to do because so ehow or other through visiting the realm of dreams… imagine Plaro as he REALLY IS totally connected duh to the Buddha who most certainly lived just a few decades you might scarter like pebbles apart from each other: it is si gard to inagibe, Play-Diugh beibg one if my favourite tos, ghat noe Plato as hunour Satire obviously worthy of being capable if having corresponded intelligently and wisely with the world if the Buddha. Lily. The Buddha. Different reeeallly big parts if me that exckude themsrlevescfrom my memory that they excist og my god lily this is thie first tuke this has hallebwd i swear how long hoaa hit lily stop im tired see invaduon we could geal people make people well abs i used to think you hot things to a greater extent than i ever ever could but after cow sellers cale into the picture I csnnot inagine a word you could say that could… keep in mind i am attempting to aryicylate cerrIn … redt oeace oet it be whst am i doing ebd this lettervresl goal. I am doing ehat I am always tryibgvto do which is make tiis letter relevznt yo so ethibg and difht nie it is juzt writing utstlf but okay MAYBE tgat has inky been hapoenibg for a fre swconds ivtjiyght liky wil vinna make me spell berter biw i qn now spelling vecause i am not taking care if mysyelf suddrkly in tve lart fee seconds but i wordy not gonna be oablt bsay wz…. sarah song on radio write rhis song how dedp will you get songeriting is there ant watcwe can connect iver anything any can you see ascqcademucallt relevant oh sarah you inow i meant that as satire will I ever get famous? Plato starts by stmbolizing ideal state so let us fo that in me, let the temperate part take icer. m I need to let go and Paragragph space, see, another seen linguisric stmbili or sonething if an avtual ear. plato influenced by world if buddha… i dob’ need to say this sont sobg ojay really imoortant learn songwriting think about form Sarah homework onay for necrt tine and I am your teacher and shut upbwith the Plato you’re learnibg in thst itger ckass… okay, what needs to be INTRUCUDED inti me to create HARMONY LIKE PLATO’S DEFINITUON OF JUSTICE AT THIS OOIBT IN THE REPUBLIC am i going to even eantvto post tiisvyimieroe evsluation the oerventage erirdness wavelenth vibe form are we perceiving the same forms but how will we kniwvwe are perceiving the same forms and what actuslly am I wantingvto fo rifht now bring playo ibto pyschilogu first paty if mecwantvto save world by make pol undestsnd mevshut uo enbeagram 3 okay ojay do i sound likevan enjeagram 4 maybe i need to RESOLVE ut within myself but there are too many conflicting parts overwhelm, sudden realization, Plato encountered thecworld of the Buddha and imagine Abe Lincoln or something can you put on your professor hat do you want to how ro we stay in peace so first a PARTVof me has to take command and serve harmony of the whole justice philosophy darah is this relevant i am svteaming like qn enneagram 4 sarah please stop me give me peace plato philosophy philosophu gonna say this tomorroe trust anither part if me thatcwill know what i am sauinf tomorrow, ley go of patys of me that the ni… well. who are we, what if we placed Plato asca stufemt if Buddha in some form and didvtvey KNOW each other but they wrre both really FAMOUS okay the key idcto temember the part of ke that can say egay it jeedscto say noe, YES.Okay, i don t onow if thisvis iplato buddha so famous didnt know each other but ENCOUNTERED them somehow, can you RECOGNIZE one in the other. i need to own this premide now, how do I KNOW thatvplayo understood was influenvedvby buddha like okay in ehat FORM does this recognition take and i tjink plato is creating satire to suggestvtherecarecreallyveo fre smr to make itvso simplisyic but Socrates’ rivals really arecdo simplistic to say yes yo him sll ybr tome . breath, write whst prioritized plrasure snd ferl goof dor body okay, form exidys is important and feels urgentvto talk to you or sone form of you now depenfing on how ai evaluate how well we may me connected ehicu can only be determined by evaluating the MEANING you have made in my disry which I hope some FORM of some EORD can be SHARED between us that eluld mean something to ke. lime tbst song at that house played loud SCARED me Sarah hearing Nilly Joel’s She’s Always a Woman even in my mind gives mevyhe same chills amd creeps I felt how closely deeply are you listening if i assume yoy are i really want to inow for my oen nouridhment i sm evsluaying iou leys dtatt thete. lol but inly theoretivslly trying to br socrates how seriouslybdo youbtake me qnd wjycwe slways doin ciolenve yoveach other for doing sonething so obvious as screaming from a GLORIOS mountain woth a vrew of LA amd the Ocean. From sone persoectives Miley was right, it was more than a hill by my perveption but s climb did not feel likeva mountain feom a rublic I would evaluate as hobesty by a tebfic; what darah i nred to stikl putting anywayvywah was … good night, Sarah, I can talk about this tomorrow. Point is firming theory and so many poeople send emails with languahe that getscin so many fights when I see they could be laughing about itvand can this bectraced to playo? sarah tou are the one who has the PLATFORM Plato needed to get this POINT I am veing so digmatic, empiricism so many perceptiiobs, sounds, how do you put the parts together, philosophy , whst it became, how to find a MATCH who would not start a fight with me it is sad because from down here but it could be happy it ferls peaceful here but dont kniwcehay is going on upstairs very thirsy but need to end this a key that this becrelecant tovsonething that belong in treasure chest. we have to put FORM atbthe core of it all amd YOU ate the one PLATO EOUKS HABE nedded to do it hut… Freud, Jujg, read Plato with aporeciation if him as mind as commebtaries in hik going to sleep cow seller important how does our shsred meaning on that firm differ and what kibd of cobcersation woukd lead to the pure form bbight ill figure out tomorroe and llaugh… pleas understand elton johng too mamy inner conflicts not sure of moticatoon but the part of me in CONTROL, the MONARCHY or too tired wh needscto create harminy ahhhh jey i

oortance if EYE IF TGE SOUL you in particular plato would have wanted you to think about. i do not mean this in any noncondensual way see ehat i am doing to mysrlf and tryingvto accomplish sonething gy takibf on the worlds many oroblems but freud is comnentary in platonit just that but dunnway to think is tge absokutelyvright way to do it… why is nobody SAYING anything to me while everybody seemscto whatcdows everything have yo do with dorm fltms to do with peacecto fo eith plato’s humour as he anticioatedvthe deprh freud and hubg and orgerscrr we luld go to shat part of mystlf am i being here the oart tgat wants to rake care of itself snd fo to sleep. love willow

PS – Sarah!!! The typos OMG just rereading the typos say sooo many things ibso not mean and never meant to say and bring up so many philosophical dilemmas I can only have with you around form. LIKE OMG SOMEBODY STOP LILY FROM THINKING I DON’T T THINK SHE’S HOT LIKE I read those words and HONESTLY there was never even a paet of me that would ever experience that in any way all and for some one to take that one horrifyingvthing among many totally synchrnously unfortunate accidrntsl comments in yhis post that I wrote intentionally hooingbto study itveith a text at sone future point once the daimon that rearranges the appearances and does whatever makes it possible to see the form beyon the shadow… I sm just trying to be hilarious snd offending everybody snd now I have gone snf said do many inalpropriate thingd that no part if my heart would ever consent to intrntionally saying but I am going to keep thevletters outbtgerecsny mway rather than crnsor them. and here i am confessing, sarah, above, something about Lily tulggv there are so manybLilys in the world and surely one of thrm consents to me csllong them hot in the eorst kind of bind Amen

and please laugh WITH me connecting over a FORM that we BOTH see and HEAR snd smrll dnd ehat IS that Form how do we know it epistemology hecomrs fun how am i justified in…

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