Please send prayers

I woke up a little while ago, got a confusing photo from Rosalba about a bank transfer at a bank that I happen to have an account at, but it turns out it was meant for her friend Juan. I was confused at first especially since my mother just told me she was planning to send me a package with my new CPAP machine, battery, and solar charger and that I might have to make a payment for it on this end. I thought this might somehow have to do with that but it turns out to have nothing to do with me.

I called my mother before I messaged Rosalba about it and she told me my grandmother is not feeling well. She went to her apartment for her birthday a couple days ago. My grandmother lives upstairs in the house where my mother’s sister lives (even so it doesn’t seem like they see each other very often) and she told me she did not see her sister but that her sister was sick and tested positive for COVID-19. She says she has been vaccinated, hopefully she is telling the truth…

Today my grandmother told my mother on the phone that she was sick too and thought she was going to die. She did not work with making jewelry today as she does pretty much every day. She is usually so healthy and I don’t seem to ever remember her feeling really sick even when she has not felt well and it is always concerning when someone her age, 94, only a couple years younger than Charlie’s Grandpa Joe, says they are so sick they think they are going to die. She has been vaccinated. She had a COVID-19 test but she is negative so far. I think she is getting another one later today.

I don’t really have much to say… I think I’d like to go back to sleep for a bit… but if you read this please send prayers for her to get better…

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You can get COVID even if you are vaxxed. Bc my sister Julie got it in May.