When he gets arrested I want him to hear the song Carolina really loud. I was thinking that maybe I also want someone to call him when he is alone and to tell them that I died: to talk about it with hum and see if he will say some words that will make my mother hear his evil. He called his rape victim, my mother, the devil, and I want someone to tell him I died and prompt his callousness somehow so that my mother can hear his callousness towards me. She tells me he would never intentionally hurt me and I just can’t speak.

I want someone to have a conversation with him that exposes exactly the kind of hatred he has toward my mother where he calls me the devil for some reason or another and then he is under arrest and Carolina plays LOUD beating into his heart like Shake It Off in Monterrico did for me. Then he hears Anti-Hero and oh, that would be soooo much cooler than just having him in jail.

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2 weeks ago